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Catamaran Sailing

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Blue Water Sailing School is one of the leaders in sailing education on cruising catamarans. We offer courses from Basic Sailing and Bareboat Chartering up to Advanced Coastal Cruising on large and comfortable cruising catamarans.

Our Cruising Catamaran course (Course A Plus Catamaran) is a weeklong live-aboard cruising course, offered at the Fort Lauderdale base, the Virgin Islands base and our location in Marsh Harbour, Bahamas. The course combines the Basic Sailing (ASA 101), Basic Coastal Cruising (ASA 103), Bareboat Chartering (ASA 104), and Cruising Catamaran (ASA 114) levels of the ASA curriculum.

We are also one of the only sailing schools to offer a course in advanced catamaran cruising (Course C+ Cat: Advanced Catamaran Skipper). During this weeklong live-aboard cruising course you’ll sail from Fort Lauderdale, across the Gulf Stream to the Bahamas, and back again. Along the way, you’ll gain the hands-on experience you need to pass the Coastal Navigation (ASA 105), Advanced Coastal Cruising (ASA 106), and Cruising Catamaran (ASA 114) ASA certification levels.

Please see ASA Course Descriptions for details on each certification standard.

You can find information about all Blue Water Sailing School courses in our course catalog. For course availability and dates, please see our schedule.

Catamaran Sales

Catamaran Company - Catamaran Sales and Service

Well Suited, The Catamaran Company's new team concept in brokerage design, is made up of three Yacht Brokers, a Charter Broker, a Yacht Administrator and a Service Manager who all work together to insure that our Buyers, Sellers and Renters have the best possible experience. Our top priority is to insure that the catamaran you bring home with you is well suited for your lifestyle, not only for today but one that strategically fits into your long term goals.

The concept truly is cutting edge in that it focuses on the strength of the team, customer service and long term repeat business. We typically find that a yacht owner buys a new boat every three to five years. Well Suited takes the necessary time and devotes the human resources to assist in your long term plans. What you need/want today ... what you are looking to grow into or downsize after realizing a dream ... proper market placement ... resale value, etc.

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